Safety Tips to Remember When Using Your Crane Rental

Safety Tips to Remember When Using Your Crane Rental

Cranes are enormous machines that are expensive to purchase, and require trained individuals to operate them correctly. Adhering to safety guidelines is in everyone’s best interest, whether or not you’re working the machine. A failure to do so can result in repair costs to the equipment, materials and surrounding buildings – as well as medical expenses – can be immense. Therefore, it’s essential for your organisation as a whole to adhere to specific safety tips to ensure the safety of people operating and working around your cranes.

  1. Create Accountability With Your Inspections

Create and implement written guidelines for crane safety that everyone must follow with each inspection and use of the equipment. Making sure that you train every person within these guidelines will ensure that they don’t make any costly mistakes.

  1. Conduct Pre-Shift Inspections

It helps to create pre-shift guidelines for employees to complete before every shift. It’s essential that before using a crane that they conduct an inspection. Allocating a few minutes for this before an operator climbs behind the controls will ensure it remains a priority.

  1. Schedule Regular Inspections

All crane rental companies must schedule regular inspections on each crane that they own. With routine maintenance and repairs, a crane can last up to 25 years. Scheduled inspections will make sure a problem is identified and fixed long before damage or injury can occur. If they’re scheduled regularly, there’s no room to put an inspection off until it is too late.

  1. Operators Must Be Certified

All crane operators must be trained and certified to use cranes efficiently. An untrained or unauthorised person working a crane can cause damage to property and injury to construction workers, resulting in massive fines for your company.

  1. Implement Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Sometimes, residual energy remains within the mechanics of a machine after the power source has been cut. Therefore, implementing lockout procedures will make sure that no damage or injury occurs, especially during maintenance checks.

There are various safety factors to consider when working with and around cranes, and most of this responsibility will rest on the person operating it. However, safety tips such as lockout procedures and pre-shift inspections will create a safe working condition for everyone. If you’re looking for a crane rental company that can guide you on crane safety, Metro Cranes in Sydney is your solution. Contact us today for all your crane hire needs.

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