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Choose From Our Fleet Of Cranes

Metro Cranes offers clients a variety of cranes, including all terrain cranes,
city cranes, crawler cranes and franna cranes:

All Terrain Cranes

If you’d like a crane that is adaptable to any environment, then choose an all-terrain crane. It can work in any climate or weather condition and can easily move from the road to a jobsite. These machines only require a single operator and are convenient to use as they can be easily moved and quickly rigged in even small spaces. Our all-terrain cranes include the Liebherr and Grove models. Capacities include 200 tons, 130 tons, 100 tons, 60 tons and 55 tons.

Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane is known as a heavy duty crane that can carry tremendous loads and operate at fast speeds across a variety of terrains. They can quickly be set up and erected and also come with extended booms, giving them a superior range in terms of their lifting height. Heavy items can be lifted and moved with ease. Metro Cranes recommends the Maeda MC-305C Crane as the crawler crane of choice in Sydney.

City Cranes

When you have smaller job to do or will be working in a place with restricted movement in terms of height and width, a city crane is your best choice. These cranes are bigger than self-erecting ones but smaller than tower ones and can be controlled through wireless remote control. You can erect this crane onto an outrigger or foundation with success. We currently offer and operate the Tadano 12 Tonne City Crane, which has a load of 12 tons.

Franna Cranes

Franna cranes are proudly Australian cranes and they specialise in offering taxi cranes that can work in a variety of conditions with little stress. Their ‘pick and carry’ cranes can transport themselves on roads for short distances without stabilizer legs and rigger to assist in lifting and balancing loads. Being easy to set up, these cranes are also simple to move one from site to site. We can offer clients the Terex MAC 25 tonne crane or the Terex AT 2 crane.

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