Cranes In Construction And Mining: Why Hiring Is Better Than Buying

Cranes In Construction And Mining: Why Hiring Is Better Than Buying

Buying a crane is one of the most significant investments that a construction or mining company can make – in terms of size and outlay of finances. However, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it, you wouldn’t be alone. Most cranes seen on mining or construction sites are not owned but rented. Here’s why this option might be better for your company, and the reasons you should consider it.


Buying a crane is an investment in equipment. However, for such a large amount of money, it could take years and multiple projects to start seeing a return on this investment. For this reason, it’s more cost-effective to rent a crane when needed, than to buy one.

Maintenance And Repair Costs

If a crane is regularly maintained, its lifespan should be up to 25 years. However, even with the significant amount of money spent on the purchase, you still need to factor in the maintenance and repair costs required. Repairs and replacement parts alone can be a massive expense for something that might not be in daily use. Fortunately, with a rental, this isn’t your responsibility. All you need to do is pay the rental fee, and return the crane when the project is completed.


Cranes are massive machines. If you buy a crane, there needs to be a secure storage space available for it when it’s not in use. There could be months in between projects where a crane is required. Renting disregards this expense entirely.

Job Versatility

There are many different types of cranes available, and each is different in size, cost and function. As it’s such a significant expense to buy a crane, it isn’t feasible to purchase specific cranes for specific jobs. It’s also a bad idea to use one crane for multiple purposes that require different models. Finding a reliable rental company is your solution. They’ll have the specific machinery that you need, available at a fraction of the cost.

Buying a crane is no longer a pre-requisite for a successful mining and construction project. Crane rental companies can provide the cranes you need at an affordable rate, and they will handle the maintenance, repairs, training and storage required. Sydney’s Metro Cranes is the crane rental solution you’ve been looking for, so call us today for a rental solution.

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