Crane Hire Services Can Help a Small Construction Company Immensely

Crane Hire Services Can Help a Small Construction Company Immensely

So you’ve got a small construction company going and the need for heavy load lifting equipment is becoming more pressing by the day. Your dilemma is; to buy or not to buy? Every company has unique needs, so we can’t tell you exactly what would suit your needs. What we can do is share our expertise on what we know best – high quality crane hire services. In this blog, we discuss how crane hire services can add value your small construction company.

What’s the Deal With Crane Hire?

Let’s be real, the question of purchasing versus hiring a crane hire boils down to affordability and changing needs. How many small-scale construction businesses can confidently say they can afford to buy and maintain a crane for routine use? Not many.

There’s a lot of paperwork, compliance matters and upkeep to stay on top of, which may require specialist knowledge in the long run. While buying a crane may give you a sense of ownership and 24/7 access to lifting equipment, it’s a big purchase that comes with extended expenses.

You might not need to use a crane every day, so why should you own one permanently? Small companies that would rather go for the option to hire cranes from time to time experience unique benefits.

Reasons to Consider Crane Hire Services for a Small Construction Company

Imagine being able to enjoy all the perks of owning a crane, but without the worrisome day-to-day expenses that come with it. This is the convenience of crane hire. Beyond convenience, though, some of the advantages of hiring lifting equipment include:

  • Save through lease costs: paying for use of a crane only as and when needed means it won’t be a recurring cost.
  • Increased productivity: the use of cranes enables your staff to get more work done in shorter time frames, which means productivity will improve.
  • Help when needed: at Metro Cranes, we deploy our specialist staff to assist you on-site, so you can rely on our expertise without having to hire someone.
  • Get the best of the best: you can choose to hire the latest models to get the best results for each specific project.

Metro Crane has a wide selection of crane hire services that your small construction company can choose from. Call our 24/7 hotline: (02) 9898 9843 or request a call-back now!

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